What is DSE Booster?

DSE Booster is a 5-week online course launched by the SCMP Young Post team, specially tailored to prepare students for the HKDSE English Papers 1, 2 and 3. The course is designed to help students avoid making common mistakes that have appeared in past HKDSE English Language papers and to overcome any misconceptions about the subject.

Upon completion of the course, students will be equipped with essential techniques to tackle questions set in the exam and to improve their overall performance in the subject.

The online course consists of 15 topics covered in the 3 papers. For each topic, there is 1 topic video, 1 practice paper (with answers), and 1 explanation video. Students can learn at their own pace and easily review topics they are not familiar with.


Addressing the common mistakes students made in past HKDSE English Language Papers,DSE Booster teaches essential examination skills and to help students achieve higher grades and approach their exams with confidence.


Flexible Learning

Videos and practice papers will be uploaded every 2 weeks.


Bite-sized content allows students to learn more efficiently and acquire knowledge in a fun, easy way. By the end of the course, students will understand what the examiners expect and grasp the essential techniques needed to do well in HKDSE English Language Papers 1, 2 and 3.

Professionally Curated

DSE Booster is developed by a team of professional educators based in Hong Kong. The course materials and topics are carefully written and curated to help students to deal with typical tasks and tests found in HKDSE English Language Papers 1, 2 and 3.


Writing team

Andy Pozzoni

Possessing a wealth of experience, Andy has been teaching and writing English language teaching materials for decades and helping Hong Kong secondary students improve their English to get better DSE results.

Donna Mah

Donna has been teaching and writing in Hong Kong for a number of years and is always looking for ways to help students learn better. She has authored graded readers for Oxford University Press and believes that reading can help language learners in ways they don’t realize.

Gary Hill

Gary has working on writing and editing English language teaching materials for Hong Kong secondary students since 2000. Having been trained to write exam-oriented materials for a celebrity tutor (Joseph Li Din-wah), Pearson Longman and Oxford University Press, Gary is five-star writer of DSE materials!

Paula Siddle

Paula has been a writer and editor for over 19 years, specialising in educational materials for Hong Kong students. If you recognise her name, it’s probably because it’s on the front cover of one of your school textbooks! 


Carmen Wong

Carmen is an educator and visual artist who is passionate about education. After graduating from HKU (BEd and PGDE), she taught English at a local secondary school before expanding her teaching experience to include students in early childhood to degree programmes in tertiary institutions. Her enthusiasm is infectious!